Epsilon Etiquette

There comes a time when an individual must stop doing frivolous things to make room for school and life in general. Me? I have to give up making movies and stuff – somehow I still find time for video games, however.

On that same note, I recently discovered a game that surprised me with its complexity and enjoyability despite the majority of bad reviews – and it was 2 bucks due to the recent Steam sale, so I’m probably just a bit biased. This game is Alpha Protocol – one of Obsidian Software’s only original intellectual properties. They’ve made sequels to famous games such as Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2, not to mention the recent Fallout: New Vegas, but never a real game of their own.

All these have one thing in common: rampant bugs. Alpha Protocol is a buggy, unpolished mess of a game when it comes to combat and stealth, but it shines in its dialog system, which I believe to be second to none. It really reminds me of the dialog system from Mass Effect, except it is actually even better. The choices made in the game actually make changes to the story – people hate you or love you according to your actions, and there are no less than ten endings or so.

This game is awesome, but if you’re hesitant to buy a buggy, unfinished game, I would recommend waiting for another steam sale. Not to say $20 (its current price) is bad.


For next week

This is an outhouse I modeled in Blender today.

It's totally extreme

It's extreme to the max

Oh yeah.

It will probably be used in my upcoming weekly video. Yes, it looks really cheesy, but the thing will be set at night, so it will be quite dark.

Totally way extreme

At night, it's even MORE extreme


Also, this is kind of a throwback to another thing I modeled a couple of years ago: The Redneck Stargate.

Totally awesome

It's super extremified. That default-colored background is awful.

Anyway, this movie-a-week thing is fun, so I may continue, as long as I have enough ideas floating around. For now, however, I’m going to play some TF2.

Movie-a-week-ish Thing: Week 3 – Action Bub: First Dart

Ladies and gentlemans, I give you Action Bub: First Dart – the tale of a soldier-type guy who finds some smugglers of highly explosive material and fights them some. Enjoy!

It was fun to make, but I was running through myself to get it done – something tells me either I need to make a few “filler” videos for when I get tired of this, or just make them every two weeks (and every week when I can).

Coming soon…


A new video’s coming out either tomorrow or Tuesday!

It involves explosions and stuff, so I wanted to upload it tomorrow, it being the 4th of July and all (celebrated nation-wide with explosions). But alas, this project was a little too much to finish in a week and, on top of that, it isn’t quite as good as I wanted it to be. No matter – it still has explosions and guns and stuff.

So prepare yourself – this could get explody and stuff.

AND! I have a Facebook fan page now! Like it, if you feel like it.

More videos starting… NOW

I am beginning to make more videos. I just made the second video in a project I have just begun – I will make one video every one or two weeks for the next few months. Dunno how many, but I’ll try a few months and see how it goes.


Ubiquitous cheesy poster-thing

For now, things are running smoothly, but once school starts I may need to stop for a while.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy my two new videos. Oh, and visit my youtube page while you’re at it.


Natey Noire:

Ninja Coolmoves and Other Activities

I have been quite non-productive of late, what with schoolwork, wrecking my pretty little car, and procrastination, I have not had the time to make anything except for the NINJA COOLMOVES CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

First, schoolwork. I currently have  a 4.0 GPA, so I’m happy.

Lastly, THE NINJA COOLMOVES CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!! After premiering a month ago, Ninja Coolmoves has garnered universal acclaim…. Not really – my group of friends liked it, though. Those measly 23 views need to go up….

SO, this is my life, and life is good, except when it’s not.

And here is the aforementioned Christmas Special, which is awesome.

Community Collegestuffs

So now I’m a college student (financial aid FTW!), so since I have less time than I did in the summer, I somehow feel compelled to write on this neglected blog. No, none of the awesome stuff I was doing earlier this year is still being made. I may pick the Mustang back up sometime, but I was too busy buying a real car with real monies. It wasn’t a Mustang. Life is hard.

So I’m broke again – at least I know I will be in the near future. I have bills (for the first time in my life) to pay and a mouth to… feed? (with gas) I’ve added stuff up and it looks like I’ll only have like 200 bucks to spend for myself all winter, considering the fact that my job is ONLY in the sumertime. So I save up now, hold onto my money, and maybe I’ll outlast this potentially crazy winter. This could be a problem, since I just spent twenty bucks this morning on some classic gameboy games. Prioritizing is not my specialty.