For next week

This is an outhouse I modeled in Blender today.

It's totally extreme

It's extreme to the max

Oh yeah.

It will probably be used in my upcoming weekly video. Yes, it looks really cheesy, but the thing will be set at night, so it will be quite dark.

Totally way extreme

At night, it's even MORE extreme


Also, this is kind of a throwback to another thing I modeled a couple of years ago: The Redneck Stargate.

Totally awesome

It's super extremified. That default-colored background is awful.

Anyway, this movie-a-week thing is fun, so I may continue, as long as I have enough ideas floating around. For now, however, I’m going to play some TF2.


Working in BLENDER again! Yay!

Ah, it’s so nice to mess with Blender again after so long. I decided to model a Mustang about a week and a half ago, and for some reason can’t stop myself from messing with it at any given time. It’s not done yet, but iz awesome.

Blender addiction. Is it a BAD thing that I want to make cg stuff all the time instead of school?

And an earlier render of the rear end:


It’s a just cause… ’cause!

I grabbed the Just Cause 2 demo, and boy is it AWESOME. You get to fly around with a sweet, sweet parachute and fly around with a grappling hook, grabbing any vehicle or surface you want to cling to. The whole thing is an incredible testament to how awesome explosions are, especially when you’ve just jumped out of a helicopter and sent it careening into a huge statue.

The scope of this demo is also huge, spanning 35 square miles. I’ve never SEEN a demo that gives you that much freedom. It lets you play in 30 minute spurts, and I think this is plenty of time to figure out the controls. If you like blowing stuff up, this demo will eat up a hefty amount of your time.

When this game comes out, I’m grabbing it.

Well, not yet.

I’m still broke.



SO! I haven’t put ANYTHING on this site in months, and it seems to be really quiet around here. Like, I’ve never gotten a comment or anything. But whatever. I guess I’m so awesome nobody can formulate words in the presence of my total awesomeness.

ANYWAY, I have some things I’ve done lately, including actually FINISHING Ninja Coolmoves 2. I shall be uploading both the first one and the second one soon to Youtube, but for now, HERE is the facebook fan page. Both episodes are on there, including a teaser photo for number 3, which will probably never get made (at least, not in the shape the current footage is in). Now, further progress has been made on an incredibly awesome thing I’m doing. I mean, this thing is gonna be awesome. It’ll rock so hard your socks will fly off, and you might die from laughter.

Actually, I don’t have anything planned at all, and I have no idea if it will, in fact, rock your socks off or, alternately, make you die from laughter. I’ll just wing it and try to make something awesome.

Tens Years Behind

Just recently, on the 22nd of this month, I got to watch the Matrix… for the FIRST TIME. Bleh. AWESOME MOVIE, I just wish I would have watched it earlier!

So… what else has been on the agenda lately? All kinds of things. Vile things. Evil things. Things that would send chills up your spine…..

Not much. Other than being INCREDIBLY AWESOME. As usual. Man, I am really wishing more people visited this site. Actually, probably not, for I don’t really ever have anything to say, except for the fact that I’m planning on making another movie with my brothers! Yes! The creator of such wondrous and fantastic films such as Fighting Stuff, The Dog, A random HUD TEST MOVIE and some other random crap that isn’t awesome at all is going to make another masterly masterwork of cinemagic wonder!

Dunno what it’s going to be called, but I’m hoping to film something random this Sunday.

Now, for the aformentioned Fighting Stuff! Me and Matt made this movie like, two years ago. Still epic, though.

Some Kinda Story: On Organ Players and Martian Rovers

A really quick freewriting exercise. I’ll probably never finish it, but just hang with me here.

Just a warning – this thing is quite strange.

On Organ Players and Martian Rovers

Iridescent glass ascended into the heavens, accompanied by a very loud organ player. The player of the organ did not have an organ with him at that moment, but that did not mean he wasn’t loud. He was quite loud. The glass echoed his cries for help.
It could not be stopped. All the scientists on earth had tried to stop it. It had been an imminent disaster, and they knew it. Why it was that one lone organ player had been chosen, they didn’t know.
He was rising higher into the clouds, suspended on what looked like nothing. Of course, this was the glass, but it is incredibly unnerving to have what looks like no barrier between you and a very long fall; this is especially disconcerting when you do not have a parachute. Bill didn’t have a parachute. He didn’t even have a shirt on.
Thankfully, he had had the foresight to wear a pair of pants, though. The suns rays sent their light inside the glass, refracting onto Bill’s killer abs. His longish hair was blowing in the wind, which he thought strange since he was in a giant glass bubble. He looked up. An invisible force was pushing air inside the bubble. His feet rose above the ground amid his cries of, “What the [blank] am I doing in this [blank] [blankity blank blank] thing!?” (The previous section of dialog has been edited for the kiddies). He was rising toward the top of the bubble, and, to his surprise, as he passed by the lip of the opening, a long corridor became visible. It was like he had just passed through into some other dimension, and only now had it become visible. The ship was protected by a massive cloaking device, the workings of which are unknown to humans and also far beyond human comprehension.
Bill couldn’t comprehend it, since he was human, and because of this fact presently died.
He wasn’t that great of a guy anyways.
The ship had been spotted on the sensors years ago. Evidently extraterrestrials did not assume that humans had the ability to observe (with the help of some really, really complicated humdrum that you would not understand) cloaked ships. It was an accident that the ship had been discovered in the first place, which was probably why the aliens had not assumed humanity’s advancement had gotten that far. It hadn’t been advancement – not by a long shot.
It had happened in a small, worn-down, thatch-roofed hut owned by a man in Nigeria. Concocting plans for a new scam, he came up with one. It went something like this:


Unexpectedly, even to himself, it just so happened he was right.

That same night the US government received footage from the Mars rover. It was on a spaceship.
This spaceship was spacious and clean. It seemed to be nearly empty except for one robot on the far end of a long corridor. This robot saw the rover, walked slowly over to it, picked it up and tossed it out of the ship. The rover flew out of the ship, up into the air, finally stopped rising, and then fell down into a very large chasm. It managed to send all of the data from this encounter in time before it smashed into the bottom of said chasm. It never sent another picture.
When the footage arrived, people were startled. Shocked, in fact. The ship’s cloaking device had hid it from everything – until the rover just so happened to run right through an open door.