Epsilon Etiquette

There comes a time when an individual must stop doing frivolous things to make room for school and life in general. Me? I have to give up making movies and stuff – somehow I still find time for video games, however.

On that same note, I recently discovered a game that surprised me with its complexity and enjoyability despite the majority of bad reviews – and it was 2 bucks due to the recent Steam sale, so I’m probably just a bit biased. This game is Alpha Protocol – one of Obsidian Software’s only original intellectual properties. They’ve made sequels to famous games such as Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2, not to mention the recent Fallout: New Vegas, but never a real game of their own.

All these have one thing in common: rampant bugs. Alpha Protocol is a buggy, unpolished mess of a game when it comes to combat and stealth, but it shines in its dialog system, which I believe to be second to none. It really reminds me of the dialog system from Mass Effect, except it is actually even better. The choices made in the game actually make changes to the story – people hate you or love you according to your actions, and there are no less than ten endings or so.

This game is awesome, but if you’re hesitant to buy a buggy, unfinished game, I would recommend waiting for another steam sale. Not to say $20 (its current price) is bad.


It’s a just cause… ’cause!

I grabbed the Just Cause 2 demo, and boy is it AWESOME. You get to fly around with a sweet, sweet parachute and fly around with a grappling hook, grabbing any vehicle or surface you want to cling to. The whole thing is an incredible testament to how awesome explosions are, especially when you’ve just jumped out of a helicopter and sent it careening into a huge statue.

The scope of this demo is also huge, spanning 35 square miles. I’ve never SEEN a demo that gives you that much freedom. It lets you play in 30 minute spurts, and I think this is plenty of time to figure out the controls. If you like blowing stuff up, this demo will eat up a hefty amount of your time.

When this game comes out, I’m grabbing it.

Well, not yet.

I’m still broke.



Ah, it’s that time of year again. Just as the pumpkins and grotesque corpses are being removed from people’s doorsteps, they are replaced by lights, snowflakes and snowmen. This, to me, is far too early. I mean, it’s not Thanksgiving yet, and people already have random stuff all over the place. It’s creepy to see that jump from the macabre to the festive – many times all in one day.

The same thing happens to movies. I just watched the new Christmas Carol today, and I found it…. Okay. It was good, but Disney seems to love their 3D now, although the showing I went to didn’t have it. Anyway, they took the CGI to new heights and levels, making a world that is altogether completely and totally unrealistic. I mean, Scrooge has this HUGE chin that does nothing but distract from what is going on. Also! His facial texture’s resolution is hideously low. I found that the ghost of Marley was terrible as well. HE looked like he came straight out of a video game – the shading was all wrong and his movements were horribly jerky.

Other than this, the completely stupid scenes attempting to be “funny” or something, and the idiotic mini-Scrooge scene, the movie was good. It stayed faithful to the book in many ways, and was a great spectacle of computer generated awesomesauce. If only Disney could stop trying to change stories to make them more “kid-friendly” or something (which it wasn’t – it was actually quite creepy. I’d NEVER let my 11-year-old brother watch it!).

So, there we go.

Stargate Universe – Meh.

Most Sci-fi shows are about aliens, people running around shooting stuff, and the threat of the universe exploding or something like that. Stargate: Universe is kinda like that, only less shooting and more soap opera elements. It’s a good show, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like it’s WAAAY too slow and dramatic.

“Oh noes! Is Rush telling the TRUTH? Are we all doomed??! Can we get back home?”

I find that everybody has been quite idiotic at this point, and I can’t help thinking that everything they’ve done so far has ALREADY made its way into every other Science Fiction show.

I myself really like Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, which were pretty campy themselves, but SGU tries its best to be serious and very non-campy, but fails.

So far, SGU is rather mediocre, but we shall see how this goes.

Star Trek = Awesome

I was really hoping that they wouldn’t ruin the Star Trek franchise with this new movie – although most of Star Trek isn’t that stellar anyways. I’ve never really been a Trekkie (except for the fact that I watched ALL of Voyager, but that’s different) but I’ve always loved Star Trek shows. Enterprise is goofy, but what the heck.

Star Trek XI did not disappoint me. Actually, it was so much more awesome than I had anticipated, I added it to my list of favorite movies. It’s at, like, number 4 or 5. Next to the LOTR trilogy.

All of the characters were great, the story was AWESOME, the effects were AWESOME…. Everything was awesome, pretty muchly. I think it was better than any Star Wars movie (which is complete and utter blasphemy on my part, I know) and WAAAAAY better than any other Star Trek movie, even though I’ve only watched Star Trek I and First Contact.


It’s weird they haven’t even said anything about a new show yet… or a sequel… hrmm….