SO! I haven’t put ANYTHING on this site in months, and it seems to be really quiet around here. Like, I’ve never gotten a comment or anything. But whatever. I guess I’m so awesome nobody can formulate words in the presence of my total awesomeness.

ANYWAY, I have some things I’ve done lately, including actually FINISHING Ninja Coolmoves 2. I shall be uploading both the first one and the second one soon to Youtube, but for now, HERE is the facebook fan page. Both episodes are on there, including a teaser photo for number 3, which will probably never get made (at least, not in the shape the current footage is in). Now, further progress has been made on an incredibly awesome thing I’m doing. I mean, this thing is gonna be awesome. It’ll rock so hard your socks will fly off, and you might die from laughter.

Actually, I don’t have anything planned at all, and I have no idea if it will, in fact, rock your socks off or, alternately, make you die from laughter. I’ll just wing it and try to make something awesome.


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