Epsilon Etiquette

There comes a time when an individual must stop doing frivolous things to make room for school and life in general. Me? I have to give up making movies and stuff – somehow I still find time for video games, however.

On that same note, I recently discovered a game that surprised me with its complexity and enjoyability despite the majority of bad reviews – and it was 2 bucks due to the recent Steam sale, so I’m probably just a bit biased. This game is Alpha Protocol – one of Obsidian Software’s only original intellectual properties. They’ve made sequels to famous games such as Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2, not to mention the recent Fallout: New Vegas, but never a real game of their own.

All these have one thing in common: rampant bugs. Alpha Protocol is a buggy, unpolished mess of a game when it comes to combat and stealth, but it shines in its dialog system, which I believe to be second to none. It really reminds me of the dialog system from Mass Effect, except it is actually even better. The choices made in the game actually make changes to the story – people hate you or love you according to your actions, and there are no less than ten endings or so.

This game is awesome, but if you’re hesitant to buy a buggy, unfinished game, I would recommend waiting for another steam sale. Not to say $20 (its current price) is bad.


It’s a just cause… ’cause!

I grabbed the Just Cause 2 demo, and boy is it AWESOME. You get to fly around with a sweet, sweet parachute and fly around with a grappling hook, grabbing any vehicle or surface you want to cling to. The whole thing is an incredible testament to how awesome explosions are, especially when you’ve just jumped out of a helicopter and sent it careening into a huge statue.

The scope of this demo is also huge, spanning 35 square miles. I’ve never SEEN a demo that gives you that much freedom. It lets you play in 30 minute spurts, and I think this is plenty of time to figure out the controls. If you like blowing stuff up, this demo will eat up a hefty amount of your time.

When this game comes out, I’m grabbing it.

Well, not yet.

I’m still broke.


I’ll refresh again, see if that works….

I’m waiting on the demo for Just Cause 2. I’ve been sitting here alternating between doing school and refreshing the page once every thirty minutes. No such luck.

I’m probably crazy for doing it, since demos usually get released later in a day, but this thing looks awesome. I mean, the demo’s going to have 35 square miles of area to explore? That’s awesome!

BUT, for some stupid reason, the demo is already available on Xbox Live. This is a problem, since I don’t have an Xbox. I don’t really want to purchase an Xbox, since the first-generation Xbox 360’s had something like a 100% failure rate, and the new hardware still hasn’t fixed all of the Red Ring of Death issues. If Microsoft’s stuff is buggier and more prone to bricking, why do they always get stuff first? There’s a slew of Xbox 360 games I want to get my hands on, but the terrible hardware ends up scaring me away. Also, every game that is ported from any console is always on Windows, but never for Mac. If anything DOES get ported, it gets released for Windows first.

ALSO! Another game i had my eye on was Alan Wake, which looks awesome, but is only on the Xbox since they inexplicably cancelled the PC version.

Ah, well. Guess I’ll keep refreshing.

Still not there. I’ll try again….

Dang it.


Minutes after me writing this, the demo was available. And it’s AWESOME.

I am broke

Yes. I am. I have no money at the moment. I have, like, a million things I want, but I have no money.

Finally, after the long winter months, I ran out. Guess that’s what happens when you help somebody buy a huge TV, a PS3 and related goodies. It’s all GONE.

BUT, on the bright side, my bro had me design a website for our mowing business, so he should be paying me handsomely soon, but that money will be gone quite shortly, since one of my friend’s birthdays is coming soon and I have a lot of stuff I’m looking at spending my precious cash on.

For one, I REALLY want Mass Effect. I totally NEED that game.

Also, I am in desperate need of this new MacHeist bundle that just came out. It’s got like, seven appz. I totally NEED that bundle.

ALSO, I kind of want to have money for gas, since I might end up going places in the future (since the snow has finally¬†dissipated, mostly) and doing stuff. Didn’t even get a driver’s license until recently, so it would be prudent to use my newfound freedom (read: slavery – my grandma enjoys sending me on missions to the local store) to go to other locations to film movies. Unfortunately, I still need a good idea for a good movie, other than the INCREDIBLE Ninja Coolmoves, which my brother loves playing.

Sigh. Guess I’ll have to come up with something. I really want to do something comedic for a change, like my old movie The Dog (video is after the break). Ah, well. Guess I’ll just deal with not making movies for a time until I get highschool done. Continue reading

Prince of Persia!!!

This looks intense

What do YOU think? I think it looks pretty dang sweet, but the girl has so much gratuitously cheesy dialog, I just don’t know. This movie WILL be awesome most likely, but the cheesiness may be too much. Still, it sticks fairly close to the video game (from what we’ve seen so far) and is totally sweet.

Cripple Creek CE: The Awakening

Some people want to start our clan back up! This should be pretty awesome, since people don’t have quite as much to do (other than school… I think everybody IN CCCE is currently going to college) as during the summertime. It was rather annoying not being able to hop online and hang out wit’ da boyz on Urban Terror, but hopefully this will change soon.

If you aren’t a member of CCCE, then be one! We’ve got like 5 people who actually play, so it’s a little lonely sometimes.

Go to www.cripplecreekce.com for the awesome!

And, in other news, I just beat Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for the first time. A little late to be playing it, but it was intense. Can’t wait for numbah 2!