Community Collegestuffs

So now I’m a college student (financial aid FTW!), so since I have less time than I did in the summer, I somehow feel compelled to write on this neglected blog. No, none of the awesome stuff I was doing earlier this year is still being made. I may pick the Mustang back up sometime, but I was too busy buying a real car with real monies. It wasn’t a Mustang. Life is hard.

So I’m broke again – at least I know I will be in the near future. I have bills (for the first time in my life) to pay and a mouth to… feed? (with gas) I’ve added stuff up and it looks like I’ll only have like 200 bucks to spend for myself all winter, considering the fact that my job is ONLY in the sumertime. So I save up now, hold onto my money, and maybe I’ll outlast this potentially crazy winter. This could be a problem, since I just spent twenty bucks this morning on some classic gameboy games. Prioritizing is not my specialty.