The plot thickens!

Here’s the outhouse I made, and now it’s floating.


It's way more extreme when floating.


For next week

This is an outhouse I modeled in Blender today.

It's totally extreme

It's extreme to the max

Oh yeah.

It will probably be used in my upcoming weekly video. Yes, it looks really cheesy, but the thing will be set at night, so it will be quite dark.

Totally way extreme

At night, it's even MORE extreme


Also, this is kind of a throwback to another thing I modeled a couple of years ago: The Redneck Stargate.

Totally awesome

It's super extremified. That default-colored background is awful.

Anyway, this movie-a-week thing is fun, so I may continue, as long as I have enough ideas floating around. For now, however, I’m going to play some TF2.

More videos starting… NOW

I am beginning to make more videos. I just made the second video in a project I have just begun – I will make one video every one or two weeks for the next few months. Dunno how many, but I’ll try a few months and see how it goes.


Ubiquitous cheesy poster-thing

For now, things are running smoothly, but once school starts I may need to stop for a while.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy my two new videos. Oh, and visit my youtube page while you’re at it.


Natey Noire:

Memorial day mayhem!

This week has been CRAZY! We’ve been mowing to prepare for Memorial Day (we mow a few cemeteries) and I haven’t really done anything blogging-wise (which is obvious….) because we’ve been mowing a TON. Which is kinda a good thing. I get money.
In other news, my second cousin came over, and, in a strange, random turn of events, I ended up being dubbed, “Bubbles”. Don’t ask me how. We’re crazy.
So, not much going on lately.

Weedeating stuff

Not much happened today. I didn’t get any time on the internet, really. I just kinda went to mow a local horsey campy thingy (which takes us, like, several hours – we actually started on it yesterday). And weedeated. A lot. My little brother helped too. I didn’t get home until, like, ten minutes ago. I’m tired. The internet enjoys biscuitheads like me, though. I really get sucked into the whole web-surfing thing when I should probably go to sleep.


Dang. Now I’m hungry.

This is how it’s gonna go down….

Lately, I haven’t been doing much internet-wise.

I’ve been doing school and stuff. Like mowing. Yeah. We run this crazy mowing business that keeps us on our toes pretty much all the time. Like, ALL the time.

Hopefully, by some divine intervention or something like that, I can actually do stuff on this blog.

I hope to do stuff like stories maybe (these will probably be few), crazy ideas, rants about stuff, and other things that I spend my time doing, but I’ve never had the time to write down. So here I go, on my epic journey into the deep, dark depths of blogging. Hmm. That metaphor didn’t really work.

And, to finish my bestest blog entry yet, a freaky picture of me:

Something happened.