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So now I’m a college student (financial aid FTW!), so since I have less time than I did in the summer, I somehow feel compelled to write on this neglected blog. No, none of the awesome stuff I was doing earlier this year is still being made. I may pick the Mustang back up sometime, but I was too busy buying a real car with real monies. It wasn’t a Mustang. Life is hard.

So I’m broke again – at least I know I will be in the near future. I have bills (for the first time in my life) to pay and a mouth to… feed? (with gas) I’ve added stuff up and it looks like I’ll only have like 200 bucks to spend for myself all winter, considering the fact that my job is ONLY in the sumertime. So I save up now, hold onto my money, and maybe I’ll outlast this potentially crazy winter. This could be a problem, since I just spent twenty bucks this morning on some classic gameboy games. Prioritizing is not my specialty.


I am broke

Yes. I am. I have no money at the moment. I have, like, a million things I want, but I have no money.

Finally, after the long winter months, I ran out. Guess that’s what happens when you help somebody buy a huge TV, a PS3 and related goodies. It’s all GONE.

BUT, on the bright side, my bro had me design a website for our mowing business, so he should be paying me handsomely soon, but that money will be gone quite shortly, since one of my friend’s birthdays is coming soon and I have a lot of stuff I’m looking at spending my precious cash on.

For one, I REALLY want Mass Effect. I totally NEED that game.

Also, I am in desperate need of this new MacHeist bundle that just came out. It’s got like, seven appz. I totally NEED that bundle.

ALSO, I kind of want to have money for gas, since I might end up going places in the future (since the snow has finally¬†dissipated, mostly) and doing stuff. Didn’t even get a driver’s license until recently, so it would be prudent to use my newfound freedom (read: slavery – my grandma enjoys sending me on missions to the local store) to go to other locations to film movies. Unfortunately, I still need a good idea for a good movie, other than the INCREDIBLE Ninja Coolmoves, which my brother loves playing.

Sigh. Guess I’ll have to come up with something. I really want to do something comedic for a change, like my old movie The Dog (video is after the break). Ah, well. Guess I’ll just deal with not making movies for a time until I get highschool done. Continue reading


Ah, it’s that time of year again. Just as the pumpkins and grotesque corpses are being removed from people’s doorsteps, they are replaced by lights, snowflakes and snowmen. This, to me, is far too early. I mean, it’s not Thanksgiving yet, and people already have random stuff all over the place. It’s creepy to see that jump from the macabre to the festive – many times all in one day.

The same thing happens to movies. I just watched the new Christmas Carol today, and I found it…. Okay. It was good, but Disney seems to love their 3D now, although the showing I went to didn’t have it. Anyway, they took the CGI to new heights and levels, making a world that is altogether completely and totally unrealistic. I mean, Scrooge has this HUGE chin that does nothing but distract from what is going on. Also! His facial texture’s resolution is hideously low. I found that the ghost of Marley was terrible as well. HE looked like he came straight out of a video game – the shading was all wrong and his movements were horribly jerky.

Other than this, the completely stupid scenes attempting to be “funny” or something, and the idiotic mini-Scrooge scene, the movie was good. It stayed faithful to the book in many ways, and was a great spectacle of computer generated awesomesauce. If only Disney could stop trying to change stories to make them more “kid-friendly” or something (which it wasn’t – it was actually quite creepy. I’d NEVER let my 11-year-old brother watch it!).

So, there we go.

Stargate Universe – Meh.

Most Sci-fi shows are about aliens, people running around shooting stuff, and the threat of the universe exploding or something like that. Stargate: Universe is kinda like that, only less shooting and more soap opera elements. It’s a good show, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like it’s WAAAY too slow and dramatic.

“Oh noes! Is Rush telling the TRUTH? Are we all doomed??! Can we get back home?”

I find that everybody has been quite idiotic at this point, and I can’t help thinking that everything they’ve done so far has ALREADY made its way into every other Science Fiction show.

I myself really like Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, which were pretty campy themselves, but SGU tries its best to be serious and very non-campy, but fails.

So far, SGU is rather mediocre, but we shall see how this goes.

This post brought to you by: teh interwebz

Why is it that every stinking week that Psych continues to be so AWESOME? Why is it that it is currently on its fourth season and is STILL GOOD? Why is it that the ONE SHOW that came on during the writer’s strike is STILL one of the most popular on TV?!

It’s just good. The latest one was pretty intense (it had Gus and some dudes in an acapella quartet). I loved it.

SO! Other shows are good as well. Stargate: Universe is getting off to a pretty good start (could’ve left out a scene of questionable content. Here’s hoping the rest of the episodes aren’t the same way or worse….)

ALSO!! My voice has been missing for a week. Had this semi-awful cold, and afterwards my voice just kind of left. Really looking forward to being able to sing again. It’s just like a cold to ruin awesome 4-player Beatles: Rock Band. Just as we got a new guitar, my voice was GONE. So no singing, cause everybody else here was sick as well.

IN OTHER NEWS!!! The Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta is really epic. I absolutely love it.

NEWS BULLETIN!!!! I need a haircut. Quite badly, I think.

My hair.

My hair.


It’s starting to get cold outside. I quite enjoy the cold. This is mostly because once it starts getting cold, my birthday is not far off. ūüėõ

So. Not much going on lately other than the previously mention uncompleted resurrection of Cripple Creek CE. I HAVE been doing school and stuff. I also played some Beatles: Rock Band on Sunday night. Dang, that game is awesome. Pretty much the only reason we have it is because RB2 is a little… meh? The song list is full of crappy songs or ones with questionable lyrics. Beatles? Not at all.

So what else has happened, since evidently I did not write about the total awesome that is Beatles: Rock Band until now even though we bought it the day after it came out (which was over two weeks ago)?

Well, we watched both of the Hellboy movies for the first time (which are awesome. In fact, the first one is currently a favorite of mine), watched X-Men Origins again, ate food, and did some awesome stuff.

And I found this picture.


It's real.

Memorial day mayhem!

This week has been CRAZY! We’ve been mowing to prepare for Memorial Day (we mow a few cemeteries) and I haven’t really done anything blogging-wise (which is obvious….) because we’ve been mowing a TON. Which is kinda a good thing. I get money.
In other news, my second cousin came over, and, in a strange, random turn of events, I ended up being dubbed, “Bubbles”. Don’t ask me how. We’re crazy.
So, not much going on lately.