More videos starting… NOW

I am beginning to make more videos. I just made the second video in a project I have just begun – I will make one video every one or two weeks for the next few months. Dunno how many, but I’ll try a few months and see how it goes.


Ubiquitous cheesy poster-thing

For now, things are running smoothly, but once school starts I may need to stop for a while.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy my two new videos. Oh, and visit my youtube page while you’re at it.


Natey Noire:


Hiking a lot

Not much going on lately, except a really AWESOME 11 mile hike! That was on Sunday, and I went with Matt, his sister, and two of my bros, including Bubba. It was fun. We found a bunch of rocks. And some waterfalls. Which never ended. We were just, like, up and down and up and down for probably over a mile with slippery rocks for stepping stones, and every once in a while a small creek running through it. It was really cool, but after seeing about 10 different sections of waterfall, it felt like it’d never end!

Then we came home, and I was tired. My neck hurt, too, for some unknown reason, so it was hard to get to sleep. THEN it was star mowing the next day. Fortunately, I was not really sore at all, which is quite a feat considering how far we went.

Oh, and evidently we pass a dead skunk every time we squish Bub. I also have this unsatiable urge to climb on every rock I see.

Oh! And a pitcher of me taking pitchers!

taking pitchers