Movie-a-week-ish: Week 4 – The Abduction

Here is the biggest, awesomest motion picture event of last week: The Abduction – a tale of a man, his outhouse, and an alien from outer space.

It took me a week and a half this time (mostly because of how much CG work was involved), and it may be 2 weeks before i make another video. Hence the “week-ish” part of my project’s name. ūüėõ


Movie-a-week-ish Thing: Week 3 – Action Bub: First Dart

Ladies and gentlemans, I give you Action Bub: First Dart – the tale of a soldier-type guy who finds some smugglers of highly explosive material and fights them some. Enjoy!

It was fun to make, but I was running through myself to get it done – something tells me either I need to make a few “filler” videos for when I get tired of this, or just make them every two weeks (and every week when I can).

Mark Driscoll makes Christians look stupid

Mark Driscoll needs help. I’m a Christian, and I do accept some of his major beliefs, but he needs some editing. Take this crazy, idiotic sermon, for example:

I mean, what on earth is he even talking about? Demonism, paganism, and “eastern-ism” (whatever THAT is) can be used interchangeably all of the sudden? What does he have against foreign religions? Are they ALL demonic?

Christians are supposed to be tolerant of these kinds of things. Avatar was a dumb movie, but it was passably good, and I found NOTHING wrong with it spiritually. I mean, the thing was about a¬†TANGIBLE, PHYSICAL force that governed this little tiny planet out in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t affect the humans there – only the creatures who live on the planet. It may be symbolic for how we are¬†to¬†get “closer to nature” and how nature is supposedly “our god” from a hippie standpoint (the latter of which I HEARTILY disagree with – but the first one isn’t terrible), but what on earth is wrong with Eastern (or really Native American) views on life and spirituality? I don’t believe in this stuff, and this movie is not even CLOSE to changing my views.

So, Avatar is demonic, and so is… YOGA

This is like when people were saying things like Batman and Care Bears were demonic. See this piece of fine, “Christian” literature for an example. If this book (and its sequel, which we apparently own from an interesting, insanely legalistic phase my parents went through) dictate how Christians should act, how are we supposed to¬†evangelize? If all these foreign people are worshipping “demons,” why were Christians tolerant towards the Romans? The Romans had a really freaky foreign religion. Christians adopted many Roman styles and read Roman literature (because the early ones WERE Romans). Paul even referenced major Roman poets. God even referenced some Roman literature when speaking to Paul. By these nutjobs’ definition, this would make the early Christians and God Himself demon-worshipping satanists.

I am broke

Yes. I am. I have no money at the moment. I have, like, a million things I want, but I have no money.

Finally, after the long winter months, I ran out. Guess that’s what happens when you help somebody buy a huge TV, a PS3 and related goodies. It’s all GONE.

BUT, on the bright side, my bro had me design a website for our mowing business, so he should be paying me handsomely soon, but that money will be gone quite shortly, since one of my friend’s birthdays is coming soon and I have a lot of stuff I’m looking at spending my precious cash on.

For one, I REALLY want Mass Effect. I totally NEED that game.

Also, I am in desperate need of this new MacHeist bundle that just came out. It’s got like, seven appz. I totally NEED that bundle.

ALSO, I kind of want to have money for gas, since I might end up going places in the future (since the snow has finally¬†dissipated, mostly) and doing stuff. Didn’t even get a driver’s license until recently, so it would be prudent to use my newfound freedom (read: slavery – my grandma enjoys sending me on missions to the local store) to go to other locations to film movies. Unfortunately, I still need a good idea for a good movie, other than the INCREDIBLE Ninja Coolmoves, which my brother loves playing.

Sigh. Guess I’ll have to come up with something. I really want to do something comedic for a change, like my old movie The Dog (video is after the break). Ah, well. Guess I’ll just deal with not making movies for a time until I get highschool done. Continue reading