Turning Planets into Fruitcake

Lately, not much has happened. Mowing and junk like that, having stomach bugs, eating food…. but not much else. I HAVE been reading a lot in the Hitchhiker’s Guide series and oh MAN it’s AWESOME! I’m currently reading Mostly Harmless, which has been quite awesome so far. The fourth book could’ve been much better, though. I found it to be quite boring.

ALSO! My computer iz fixed!!!!!!!!11!!!! The Cyber Gear people are so awesome. Only ten days until my Apple warranty runs out… looks like I need Applecare sometime soon.

And to commemorate the return of my compy, a pitcher.




Being sick and Writing Stuff

Wow. I’m sick. Stomach bug. Bleh.

Since I’ve been rather… well… out of commission for a while, I’ve taken it upon myself to write some stuff. Well, I’ve also been motivated by the awesomeness that is the Hitchhiker’s Guide (I’m currently reading the fourth book… and I just read the other three over the course of one week :P). The stuff I have written so far has been absolutely idiotically strange and stupid, and I hope to upload it to this blog sometime in the near future… after I finish it. I’m already 11 pages in!

And being sick is no fun. Missed a cool thing my friends were doing last night because of this stupid stomach bug. Had it for three days and I’ve still got a messed up stomach.

That’s what’s been going on lately other than a really awesome camping trip this past Sunday with Matthew and co.

Also, my iMac’s out of commission as well. Hardrive failure – bleh.