Ninja Coolmoves and Other Activities

I have been quite non-productive of late, what with schoolwork, wrecking my pretty little car, and procrastination, I have not had the time to make anything except for the NINJA COOLMOVES CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

First, schoolwork. I currently have  a 4.0 GPA, so I’m happy.

Lastly, THE NINJA COOLMOVES CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!! After premiering a month ago, Ninja Coolmoves has garnered universal acclaim…. Not really – my group of friends liked it, though. Those measly 23 views need to go up….

SO, this is my life, and life is good, except when it’s not.

And here is the aforementioned Christmas Special, which is awesome.


Mark Driscoll makes Christians look stupid

Mark Driscoll needs help. I’m a Christian, and I do accept some of his major beliefs, but he needs some editing. Take this crazy, idiotic sermon, for example:

I mean, what on earth is he even talking about? Demonism, paganism, and “eastern-ism” (whatever THAT is) can be used interchangeably all of the sudden? What does he have against foreign religions? Are they ALL demonic?

Christians are supposed to be tolerant of these kinds of things. Avatar was a dumb movie, but it was passably good, and I found NOTHING wrong with it spiritually. I mean, the thing was about a TANGIBLE, PHYSICAL force that governed this little tiny planet out in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t affect the humans there – only the creatures who live on the planet. It may be symbolic for how we are to get “closer to nature” and how nature is supposedly “our god” from a hippie standpoint (the latter of which I HEARTILY disagree with – but the first one isn’t terrible), but what on earth is wrong with Eastern (or really Native American) views on life and spirituality? I don’t believe in this stuff, and this movie is not even CLOSE to changing my views.

So, Avatar is demonic, and so is… YOGA

This is like when people were saying things like Batman and Care Bears were demonic. See this piece of fine, “Christian” literature for an example. If this book (and its sequel, which we apparently own from an interesting, insanely legalistic phase my parents went through) dictate how Christians should act, how are we supposed to evangelize? If all these foreign people are worshipping “demons,” why were Christians tolerant towards the Romans? The Romans had a really freaky foreign religion. Christians adopted many Roman styles and read Roman literature (because the early ones WERE Romans). Paul even referenced major Roman poets. God even referenced some Roman literature when speaking to Paul. By these nutjobs’ definition, this would make the early Christians and God Himself demon-worshipping satanists.

Community Collegestuffs

So now I’m a college student (financial aid FTW!), so since I have less time than I did in the summer, I somehow feel compelled to write on this neglected blog. No, none of the awesome stuff I was doing earlier this year is still being made. I may pick the Mustang back up sometime, but I was too busy buying a real car with real monies. It wasn’t a Mustang. Life is hard.

So I’m broke again – at least I know I will be in the near future. I have bills (for the first time in my life) to pay and a mouth to… feed? (with gas) I’ve added stuff up and it looks like I’ll only have like 200 bucks to spend for myself all winter, considering the fact that my job is ONLY in the sumertime. So I save up now, hold onto my money, and maybe I’ll outlast this potentially crazy winter. This could be a problem, since I just spent twenty bucks this morning on some classic gameboy games. Prioritizing is not my specialty.

Working in BLENDER again! Yay!

Ah, it’s so nice to mess with Blender again after so long. I decided to model a Mustang about a week and a half ago, and for some reason can’t stop myself from messing with it at any given time. It’s not done yet, but iz awesome.

Blender addiction. Is it a BAD thing that I want to make cg stuff all the time instead of school?

And an earlier render of the rear end:


It’s a just cause… ’cause!

I grabbed the Just Cause 2 demo, and boy is it AWESOME. You get to fly around with a sweet, sweet parachute and fly around with a grappling hook, grabbing any vehicle or surface you want to cling to. The whole thing is an incredible testament to how awesome explosions are, especially when you’ve just jumped out of a helicopter and sent it careening into a huge statue.

The scope of this demo is also huge, spanning 35 square miles. I’ve never SEEN a demo that gives you that much freedom. It lets you play in 30 minute spurts, and I think this is plenty of time to figure out the controls. If you like blowing stuff up, this demo will eat up a hefty amount of your time.

When this game comes out, I’m grabbing it.

Well, not yet.

I’m still broke.


I’ll refresh again, see if that works….

I’m waiting on the demo for Just Cause 2. I’ve been sitting here alternating between doing school and refreshing the page once every thirty minutes. No such luck.

I’m probably crazy for doing it, since demos usually get released later in a day, but this thing looks awesome. I mean, the demo’s going to have 35 square miles of area to explore? That’s awesome!

BUT, for some stupid reason, the demo is already available on Xbox Live. This is a problem, since I don’t have an Xbox. I don’t really want to purchase an Xbox, since the first-generation Xbox 360’s had something like a 100% failure rate, and the new hardware still hasn’t fixed all of the Red Ring of Death issues. If Microsoft’s stuff is buggier and more prone to bricking, why do they always get stuff first? There’s a slew of Xbox 360 games I want to get my hands on, but the terrible hardware ends up scaring me away. Also, every game that is ported from any console is always on Windows, but never for Mac. If anything DOES get ported, it gets released for Windows first.

ALSO! Another game i had my eye on was Alan Wake, which looks awesome, but is only on the Xbox since they inexplicably cancelled the PC version.

Ah, well. Guess I’ll keep refreshing.

Still not there. I’ll try again….

Dang it.


Minutes after me writing this, the demo was available. And it’s AWESOME.

I am broke

Yes. I am. I have no money at the moment. I have, like, a million things I want, but I have no money.

Finally, after the long winter months, I ran out. Guess that’s what happens when you help somebody buy a huge TV, a PS3 and related goodies. It’s all GONE.

BUT, on the bright side, my bro had me design a website for our mowing business, so he should be paying me handsomely soon, but that money will be gone quite shortly, since one of my friend’s birthdays is coming soon and I have a lot of stuff I’m looking at spending my precious cash on.

For one, I REALLY want Mass Effect. I totally NEED that game.

Also, I am in desperate need of this new MacHeist bundle that just came out. It’s got like, seven appz. I totally NEED that bundle.

ALSO, I kind of want to have money for gas, since I might end up going places in the future (since the snow has finally dissipated, mostly) and doing stuff. Didn’t even get a driver’s license until recently, so it would be prudent to use my newfound freedom (read: slavery – my grandma enjoys sending me on missions to the local store) to go to other locations to film movies. Unfortunately, I still need a good idea for a good movie, other than the INCREDIBLE Ninja Coolmoves, which my brother loves playing.

Sigh. Guess I’ll have to come up with something. I really want to do something comedic for a change, like my old movie The Dog (video is after the break). Ah, well. Guess I’ll just deal with not making movies for a time until I get highschool done. Continue reading