I’ll refresh again, see if that works….

I’m waiting on the demo for Just Cause 2. I’ve been sitting here alternating between doing school and refreshing the page once every thirty minutes. No such luck.

I’m probably crazy for doing it, since demos usually get released later in a day, but this thing looks awesome. I mean, the demo’s going to have 35 square miles of area to explore? That’s awesome!

BUT, for some stupid reason, the demo is already available on Xbox Live. This is a problem, since I don’t have an Xbox. I don’t really want to purchase an Xbox, since the first-generation Xbox 360’s had something like a 100% failure rate, and the new hardware still hasn’t fixed all of the Red Ring of Death issues. If Microsoft’s stuff is buggier and more prone to bricking, why do they always get stuff first? There’s a slew of Xbox 360 games I want to get my hands on, but the terrible hardware ends up scaring me away. Also, every game that is ported from any console is always on Windows, but never for Mac. If anything DOES get ported, it gets released for Windows first.

ALSO! Another game i had my eye on was Alan Wake, which looks awesome, but is only on the Xbox since they inexplicably cancelled the PC version.

Ah, well. Guess I’ll keep refreshing.

Still not there. I’ll try again….

Dang it.


Minutes after me writing this, the demo was available. And it’s AWESOME.


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