Ah, it’s that time of year again. Just as the pumpkins and grotesque corpses are being removed from people’s doorsteps, they are replaced by lights, snowflakes and snowmen. This, to me, is far too early. I mean, it’s not Thanksgiving yet, and people already have random stuff all over the place. It’s creepy to see that jump from the macabre to the festive – many times all in one day.

The same thing happens to movies. I just watched the new Christmas Carol today, and I found it…. Okay. It was good, but Disney seems to love their 3D now, although the showing I went to didn’t have it. Anyway, they took the CGI to new heights and levels, making a world that is altogether completely and totally unrealistic. I mean, Scrooge has this HUGE chin that does nothing but distract from what is going on. Also! His facial texture’s resolution is hideously low. I found that the ghost of Marley was terrible as well. HE looked like he came straight out of a video game – the shading was all wrong and his movements were horribly jerky.

Other than this, the completely stupid scenes attempting to be “funny” or something, and the idiotic mini-Scrooge scene, the movie was good. It stayed faithful to the book in many ways, and was a great spectacle of computer generated awesomesauce. If only Disney could stop trying to change stories to make them more “kid-friendly” or something (which it wasn’t – it was actually quite creepy. I’d NEVER let my 11-year-old brother watch it!).

So, there we go.


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