This post brought to you by: teh interwebz

Why is it that every stinking week that Psych continues to be so AWESOME? Why is it that it is currently on its fourth season and is STILL GOOD? Why is it that the ONE SHOW that came on during the writer’s strike is STILL one of the most popular on TV?!

It’s just good. The latest one was pretty intense (it had Gus and some dudes in an acapella quartet). I loved it.

SO! Other shows are good as well. Stargate: Universe is getting off to a pretty good start (could’ve left out a scene of questionable content. Here’s hoping the rest of the episodes aren’t the same way or worse….)

ALSO!! My voice has been missing for a week. Had this semi-awful cold, and afterwards my voice just kind of left. Really looking forward to being able to sing again. It’s just like a cold to ruin awesome 4-player Beatles: Rock Band. Just as we got a new guitar, my voice was GONE. So no singing, cause everybody else here was sick as well.

IN OTHER NEWS!!! The Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta is really epic. I absolutely love it.

NEWS BULLETIN!!!! I need a haircut. Quite badly, I think.

My hair.

My hair.


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