It’s starting to get cold outside. I quite enjoy the cold. This is mostly because once it starts getting cold, my birthday is not far off. 😛

So. Not much going on lately other than the previously mention uncompleted resurrection of Cripple Creek CE. I HAVE been doing school and stuff. I also played some Beatles: Rock Band on Sunday night. Dang, that game is awesome. Pretty much the only reason we have it is because RB2 is a little… meh? The song list is full of crappy songs or ones with questionable lyrics. Beatles? Not at all.

So what else has happened, since evidently I did not write about the total awesome that is Beatles: Rock Band until now even though we bought it the day after it came out (which was over two weeks ago)?

Well, we watched both of the Hellboy movies for the first time (which are awesome. In fact, the first one is currently a favorite of mine), watched X-Men Origins again, ate food, and did some awesome stuff.

And I found this picture.


It's real.


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