Back again

Sorry for not updating, but I’ve been testing out this new cryogenic stasis chamber. It malfunctioned and woke me up too soon, so I felt obliged to update my blog.

But really, I should update this thing more often. I’ve been making stuff and doing things. Some of these stuff and things have been two different projects. One of said projects is already done. This project was the first episode of the epic awesomeness that is Ninja Coolmoves (my little brother’s crime fighting alter-ego) which was pretty much just an awesome test with my new camcorder. I’ve already begun working on the second episode which should be done some time soon. The other project is, of course, the Epic Adventures of Stalker and Bubbles. We’ve already finished over half of the movie (which is about 5 minutes) and two scenes still have to be filmed, so it’s going quite well.

You have been informed.

Before I go, here is a picture of my stasis chamber. It looks to be of Ancient design, but I’m still trying to get it to accept a link to our technology. Right now, “250 years” usually outputs to about 10 hours.

Stasis Chamber


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