Writing Scripts!

Yay! Matthew and I just finished writing the script for the first episode our new (and first ever) web series called The Epic Adventures of Stalker and Bubbles. It’s a story about these two dudes who fight and stuff then go and blow things up. I’m Bubbles. Matt’s Stalker. Yeah. Bubbles was inspired by a crazy name my second cousin gave me a few months ago.

Filming shall begin on Sunday if the weather’s good. We will be filming in a nice high spot with some rocks. I shall be quite happy to satisfy my urge to stand atop said rocks.

Hopefully the movie shall be epic enough to post up here. The unfortunate thing is that I JUST ordered the Canon HV30, but I’m stuck right now with my little DV camcorder I got four years ago. So it’s standard definition for this episode, but all episodes after it (if they get made) will be in HD. W00t for super huge resolutions that are bigger than my screen!

Oh, and I got a haircut. My fedora was having a hard time fitting on that mop of mine. šŸ˜›




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