Being sick and Writing Stuff

Wow. I’m sick. Stomach bug. Bleh.

Since I’ve been rather… well… out of commission for a while, I’ve taken it upon myself to write some stuff. Well, I’ve also been motivated by the awesomeness that is the Hitchhiker’s Guide (I’m currently reading the fourth book… and I just read the other three over the course of one week :P). The stuff I have written so far has been absolutely idiotically strange and stupid, and I hope to upload it to this blog sometime in the near future… after I finish it. I’m already 11 pages in!

And being sick is no fun. Missed a cool thing my friends were doing last night because of this stupid stomach bug. Had it for three days and I’ve still got a messed up stomach.

That’s what’s been going on lately other than a really awesome camping trip this past Sunday with Matthew and co.

Also, my iMac’s out of commission as well. Hardrive failure – bleh.


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