Star Trek = Awesome

I was really hoping that they wouldn’t ruin the Star Trek franchise with this new movie – although most of Star Trek isn’t that stellar anyways. I’ve never really been a Trekkie (except for the fact that I watched ALL of Voyager, but that’s different) but I’ve always loved Star Trek shows. Enterprise is goofy, but what the heck.

Star Trek XI did not disappoint me. Actually, it was so much more awesome than I had anticipated, I added it to my list of favorite movies. It’s at, like, number 4 or 5. Next to the LOTR trilogy.

All of the characters were great, the story was AWESOME, the effects were AWESOME…. Everything was awesome, pretty muchly. I think it was better than any Star Wars movie (which is complete and utter blasphemy on my part, I know) and WAAAAAY better than any other Star Trek movie, even though I’ve only watched Star Trek I and First Contact.


It’s weird they haven’t even said anything about a new show yet… or a sequel… hrmm….


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