Sociology For the New Age: Chapter 1

Okay, I should do something with this blog. This is my first attempt at something cool.

Here goes!

Sociology For the New Age

Getting Along With the “Undead”

Chapter 1:

Why We Should Not Fear Our “Undead” Neighbors

In the dawn of this new age, it can be unsettling to try to get along with the forms that our own selves will eventually take, unless you are one of the few immune to the “Infection”. Since this is the introduction, we should also address the discriminatory nature of the term “infection”. Many times, we think of these “Undead” as limping, growling beasts, “degenerated” from our normal human state, who feed upon the brains of their neighbors. This is an incorrect picture. Many of these “Undead” can live in perfect harmony with humans, and even speak English – if their mind has not been affected as much as the ones who crave only for these “brains”.

The fact the “Undead” feed upon brains is undisputed, but many do not crave brains all the time. Many just want equality. They’re just like us! They have rights, and they should have the right, when the time comes, to eat the occasional “brains” of the others – but a “good” side to this is that if you can “get by” with at least part of your “brains”, you just turn into one of “them”! It’s a simple process, and afterwards, you won’t remember a thing about it!

This will be continued.



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